Your Coins Won’t Suddenly Disappear

The last few days we got so many questions regarding one thing: Gamers were afraid their generated coins would disappear after they update the game. Yes, there have been some small patches for FIFA 21 already. However, you don’t need to worry about losing your coins or points. The FIFA 21 hack is absolutely safe and there is no risk for you of receiving any ban or getting your team suspended. People all over the world are using it right now and we never got any negative comment or feedback from our community.


Cheats are the way to go!

Have you ever thought of why there are so many people who would like to cheat and hack FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? The reason is this mode is pay to win. It is just insane how many people are spending their money for FIFA Points. The huge problem is: Mostly they got nothing in return. You can spend $50 for FIFA Points and open some FUT Packs right now. The chance you will get a 85+ players is maybe 5%. Its just a huge waste of time. I have been there. I was spending hundreds of dollar for FUT Packs and every single time I ended up being frustrated. Since I used the FIFA 21 coin generator by myself I feel much better. I know I can open as much FUT Packs as I want and I have nothing to lose. I didn’t spend any money. No regrets! This is the reason why FIFA 21 cheats are so important. Its not the fact that people actually “want to” use the FIFA 21 hack. Its because they spent so much money and got nothing in return. I would even call it a “rip off”, because its just a virtual currency with virtual items, which don’t really have any value.


fifa 21 coins generator


Simply use the FIFA 21 coin generator

Do yourself a favour and avoid spending money on this game wherever you can. People are spending thousands of dollar every single year. Just imagine what you could do with all the money. If you want coins and points run the FIFA 21 hack and get them just within a minute!

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