Works for the FUT Companion and Web App

The FIFA 21 Coin Generator is not only working perfectly for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, but also for the FUT Companion and the Web App. Lets take a closer look on them today.


What is the FUT Companion?

Basically its a mobile app, which lets you control your squad. It also lets you build squads for the SBCs. Of course you also have the option to open FUT packs, which is pretty cool, if you are on the way or in the class room with your friends. The FUT 21 Companion is available for iOS and Android. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you don’t download any third party app. Stay away from apps or mod apk of this app, because they might steal your password, e-mail and security question. Be aware of this. Only download the FIFA 21 Companion App directly from the App Store or Google Play. It is by far the safest option.

How about the FIFA 21 Web App?

The Web Application can be used on Since many years it is possible to log in via a browser in order to manage your team. Its also possible to access the transfer market, do SBCs or open packs. You should know its not possible to buy FIFA Points on the Web App. Also you should know the Web App gets released around 1-2 weeks before the official release of the game. Especially in the beginning you will get some “low” rewards every day, if you are logging in. Not really worth it tho. Mostly you will get 250 coins, silver packs, player contracts and so on. However, we strongly recommend to run the Web App as soon as possible, since you can start to build your team. On you will be informed first if the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Web App gets released.


How does the FIFA 21 Hack help you with it?

Well, the good thing is: You can get free FIFA 21 coins and points before the game officially releases. How? By creating your team on the Web App. When you first log in, you will get a message if you want to create a team. Choose your name and so on, after that your team has been successfully built. From there on you can just run the FIFA 21 coins hack and get free items. Don’t worry, we are using proxies which are making it completely safe for you! Our tools are available in english, german, french and other languages. We are always looking forward to improve our hacks.

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