When will the FIFA Ultimate Team 21 Web App release?

Like every year there will be a new version of the FUT Web App. In the last few years it has been updated around one week before the game released.


Release date?

The approximately release date of the FIFA 21 Web App is: 13-21th September 2020. Mostly they are going to release it on a Thursday. You can expect full and broken servers like every year. To successfully log in you will need a bunch of luck. Lets hope they can avoid trouble with the server this year.


Where can I find the Web App?

Its always the same link! You can find it on Easports.com. Here is the exact link:



What happens to the FIFA 20 Web App?

In the beginning of September or end of August they will shut it down to update it to the new version. The game goes for the FUT Companion, which is available for iOS and Android. Both of them won’t be available until the new version releases.

Any advice?

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You need help to run the FIFA 21 coin generator?

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