What team to build on FUT 21?

Like every year you have to decide which leagues or countries player you should use to build a squad. The most common is a Premier League team. How about on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? If you haven’t check out our beginner guide you can do so now!


English Premier League:

It is by far the league with the most opportunities. They got awesome players on every position. Since the british teams have been so good last year we guess they will get even stronger on FUT 21. You won’t make any mistake by choosing to build an EPL team. Lets take a look on the top teams of the EPL:

– Manchester City

– Manchester United

– Tottenham Hotspurs

– Arsenal London

– Liverpool FC

– Chelsea London

The amount of great teams is so high, that you can basically build a super strong time from various different clubs and players.

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Serie A:

It is one of the most underrated leagues on Ultimate Team, but if you take a closer look its a great deal. Also they got a handful strong teams with great players on it.

– Napoli SC

– AS Roma

– Inter Milan

– AC Milan

– Juventus Turin

– Lazio Roma


Its important to say those players are often much cheaper than EPL players. Just check it out and you will be surprised. The Serie A got awesome strikers, great defender and strong midfielder.



Basically there are only two teams from which you can make a competitive team:

– FC Bayern Munich

– Borussia Dortmund

After them you will find many average teams like Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Schalke 04 and so on, but none of them can be compared to FC Bayern or BVB. This makes it not a great choice for you to build a Bundesliga team.


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La Liga:

Exactly the same like for the Bundesliga. You got FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Thats it. Teams like Valencia or Sevilla are also good, but can’t be compared to the three top teams. Another big problem is you will find many old players. Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Busquets and so on are awesome, but they are slow. Then there are some really exceptional players like Messi, Hazard, Ramos or Griezmann, but they are super expensive. This will leave you with a big choice of good but slow players and many average players. Make sure to know what you are doing before you decide to create a spanish La Liga team.


Ligue 1:

Teams like Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Olympique Marseille, Lyon and Monaco got some great players. The rest are average. However, you will find some really fast and strong players in the Ligue 1. Its not really common to build an Ligue 1 team tho just due to the lack of choice.


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