Transfer FIFA Points from FUT 20 to FUT 21?

We got many messages from players all over the world, who asked us if it is possible to transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 21. This question comes up every single year. Many players still didn’t use all of their FIFA Points and would like to transfer them to the new version of the game.


How to transfer FIFA 20 Points to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

First of all you need Points in your existing FIFA 20 team. All you have to do now is create a new club on FIFA 21, open the FUT mode on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC and confirm you want to transfer the points to your new team. There will be a pop-up window showing up, which will ask you whether to keep the points for FUT 19 or to transfer it to FUT 21. Make sure you are giving the correct answer. This will save you lots of time, energy and nerves.

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Transfer FIFA 20 Coins to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Unfortunately this is not possible. They won’t let you do it. The only thing you can do is spend all your coins on FUT 20 or if you are lucky you can sell them for real money. In fact this is one of the biggest disadvantages on FIFA Ultimate Team. Every single year your team and coins are gone. You have to start all over again. To get rid of this weird situation we can recommend you to run the FIFA 21 coin generator. It works on all consoles.

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Simply generate free FIFA 21 Points!

You think the only way to get Points is by buying them for real money? Thats just wrong! There are many different ways, not only for Ultimate Team, but also for other games, to get the expensive in-game currencies for free. Normally people are spending thousands of dollar just for this kinda in-game purchases, but actually its not really necessary. With the FIFA 21 coin generator you can easily decide how to get free FUT 21 coins and points on your Xbox Live, PSN, Origin or any other account. It even works for the FUT Companion and the Web App! In the article below we show you how to figure out the best possible FIFA 21 hack and never to fall for any scam again.

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