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Welcome to our tutorial on how the FIFA 21 coin generator works. Before we start we would like to clarify some stuff:


  • It works for every version of the game
  • The coins and points will remain on your account
  • You can update the game anytime you want
  • Run the hack directly from your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • It also works for the FUT Web App and the FUT Companion
  • You don’t need any additional modification or something like this
  • It requires only an internet connection and an existing Ultimate Team
  • You won’t receive any ban or suspension
  • Make sure you are entering correct information
  • Nobody is going for your password, security question or e-mail


fifa 21 coin generator

In other words: Everything is safe and you can use the hack without any trouble, if you follow our guide correctly.


Lets start with our step by step guide on how to hack FUT 21

  1. Enter your correct username
  2. Choose on what gaming console you are playing
  3. Enter the amount of free coins and points you would like to receive
  4. Click on “Generate”
  5. Follow further instructions such as verifying yourself as a human


fifa 21 coin generator


Why a human verification?

So many bots and hacker are coming to every single day. Handling and getting rid of them can be extremely difficult. Their goal is to generate millions of coins and points on thousands of different accounts in order to sell them on MMOGA, Ebay, Facebook and other platforms. They want to take advantage of our FIFA 21 Coin Generator. We couldn’t care less, but there are some problems: Our goal is to give everyone gamer the chance to have a fair chance in the game by offering free coins and points. We don’t want anyone to get FREE coins just for selling them for real money. This is not what we stand for. We are against such a behaviour and those people aren’t any better than EA. Therefore we had to take action. The human verification makes sure only REAL people are going to get coins and points. No bots, no macros, no hacker – just real people like you and me.

However, the verification is super easy and takes just two minutes. How it works depends on your location, we can’t really give a tutorial on this one. If you try it you will figure it out by yourself.

Thanks for your understand and we wish you lots of fun with the FIFA 21 hack!

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