How To Detect Scams

Every single year gamers and fans of FUT 21 are confronted with scammer and hacker. We want to give you a short overview of what kind of scam you can expect on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.


Fake FIFA 21 Coin Generator

Tools like the FIFA coins hack exist since many years. There is no doubt they are really working. If you check out YouTube, you can watch thousands of videos how gamers got free FIFA coins and points. However, there is one big problem: Many people manipulated the FIFA coin generator and made it useless. Their goal is not to help you to get free points or coins. They want your account and players! Therefore you should avoid any FIFA coin generator, which wants your password or security question.


Glitches like player duplication

Everyone who has a great team or awesome players got messages like “hey, i can help you to duplicate your prime Ronaldo!”. Don’t fall for this ridiculous scam. They obviously want access to your account. Don’t do it. Ultimate Team is full of glitches and bugs, but mostly they got something to do with the gameplay itself.




This was a very big problem back in the FIFA 13 days. People would spam their links under the official Facebook page saying something like “Get your free players or packs now!” and link you to a website, which looks identical to the official EA Sports login page. The problem: They ask for your password, email and security question. After that they will get your players and coins. Always make sure the URL is correct. Don’t fall for this. EA would never ask for your security question when you do the normal login.


Social engineering

You think thats ridiculous? Its more dangerous than you might think. People randomly ask you questions like “where did you go to primary school” and stuff like this. The answer is often part of your security question. Not only of your EA account, but also of your email account. Be very careful about this one. If someone asks you weird questions the best thing to do is to block the person.








Real autobuyer for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team do exist, but they are incredibly hard to get. Mostly you will be confronted with so many different tools. The best is to stick with one, which worked in the past and which has been shared many times. There are only a handful working autobuyer for FUT 21. Avoid those who seem not legit.

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