FIFA 21 Glitches and Bugs

Ever asked yourself what makes a great player on Ultimate Team? Is it to have a strong squad? To have the best possible skills? Forget about it. In FIFA 20 we could clearly see whats going on: The best and most successful gamer were taking advantage of all the glitches and bugs in the game. It started with the kick-off glitch and ended with some skills, which would let you pass any defender.


Why is Electronic Arts not fixing the bugs and glitches?

There are several glitches in the game, which have been around since several years. No joke, there was a kick-off glitch every single year. In FIFA 19 it became even worse: Even after 5 patches they still didn’t fix it. Why would they do this? I mean, this is something, which annoys everyone. So many gamer worldwide were complaining about the kick-off glitch, but there was no reaction from EA. There can be only one reason: It is on purpose. They try to create a “skill gap”. The kick-off glitch is just one example of a glitch. Of course there have been much more. Also FIFA 21 will be full of bugs.


The game was full of bugs…


Whats the deal?

It should be your goal to identify those glitches and learn how to take advantage of them. At the same time learn how to defend them. Just the FIFA 21 glitches alone can boost your win-ratio. 15 wins in the FUT Champions Cup can become 21 wins easily. Don’t underestimate the effect of the FIFA 21 bugs. They can be tremendous. Many gamer are just focusing on using one glitch after another, which sometimes makes the game such a pain.

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What about the FIFA 21 hack?

Guess what, the glitches and bugs are not the only things, which haven’t been fixed in years. Since FIFA 11 there is an FIFA Coin Generator every single year. It seems like EA is too busy to create new special cards instead of fixing their game. Anyway, we can only recommend you to use the FIFA 21 coins hack, because it makes Ultimate Team so much easier.  You can literally get any player you want on the transfer market or open as much packs as you like. At this very moment the FIFA 21 coin generator is working perfectly on every PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC. It also works for the Ultimate Team Web App and the Companion App. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely do it as soon as possible.

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