The TOTY is waiting for you!

Its this time of the year again! Get the Team of the Year for FIFA 21 now. Let us explain you how it works and what you have to do in order to get those expensive and popular player for free on your PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.


Use the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack to get free FIFA coins and points! TOTY Edition!

Will someone gain control over my PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account?

Of course not! The FIFA 21 PS4 and Xbox hack will simply take advantage of bugs and glitches, which exist in the source code of the game. Somehow EA managed to NOT fix this kinda bugs. Its really beyond us how these glitches can exists since many years. Maybe they don’t care or they simply don’ know how to fix it. However, this kinda loopholes makes it possible for us to us cheats and hacks for FUT 21 and generate free points and coins on anyones account. In order to run the FIFA 21 UT hack you only need a working internet connection and an existing team in the game. Don’t worry, you won’t get banned using the FUT 21 hack. Tens of thousands of gamer are using it already and we never heard of anyone who got a problem using it. Its actually much easier and safer than anyone can think of.

No download needed

If you want to use the FIFA 21 Points hack you don’t need to download any file. This is an online generator, which you can use directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet. No external file needed. This makes it easier for us to update the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coin generator and its easier for you to use it. A classic win win situation. Also we found its much safer. You don’t need any proxies or other tools to protect yourself, because we can integrate proxies and other encryption methods right into this coins hack.

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