Free Coins on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Players from all over the world are coming to in order to get free coins and points. Many of them don’t know how our coin generator works or what it does. Some of them think the hack doesn’t work for them, but thats not quite true. In this article we will clarify some important questions.


On what gaming console is the FUT 21 hack working?

Basically you can run the FIFA 21 hack on every device. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or any other platform. The database of the game remains the same. After all we are not “hacking” your account and nobody will have access over your team. Everything just happens in the database of the game. This one is located on EA’s behalf. Its totally not relevant if you are playing the game on the PC or using the new “Stadia”. It works everywhere, also on the FUT Companion and the Web App.



How long does it take to get all the free FIFA 21 coins?

Well, this really depends on many different factors. First of all it depends on your internet connection. As faster as better. It should be stable. Second it depends on the server of EA. Sometimes the servers are not really good. Slow or offline. Also we have to consider our servers. If there are thousands of gamer using the FIFA 21 coin generator at the same time, we will have some problems as well. We can say it takes around 2 to 21 minutes. Yeah, thats a weird time frame, but we got many things to consider.


Will have anyone access over my account?

No, nobody is going to have access over your account. You don’t need to download the FIFA 21 hack. Also nobody is going to ask for your security question, password or any other information. As we said above: Everything happens between us and the database of the game. We only have to ask for your username and on what system you are playing, so we can know where to send the free coins to. Keep in mind you should provide us with real and exact information, otherwise you might not receive the free points and coins. Actually its pretty simple. If you got more questions please let us know!

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