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How To Use The FIFA 21 Points Generator Online

Every single day many gamrs are spending real money for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Their goal is to open packs in order to get the best possible players. This might be Ronaldo, Messi or FUT Icons. However, it will take so many packs in order to get one decent player. Some gamers are opening FUT Packs since Icons have been integrated into the game and they never got a single of them, even there are quite a lot now! This is exactly why the FIFA 21 Points Generator is so extremely popular and important. It makes it possible for every gamer worldwide to get unlimited free FIFA 21 coins and points on their Xbox Live, PSN and Origin account.


How to use the FIFA 21 Points Hack

If you used the hack for FIFA 19 or any previous version of the game you might already know how it works. However, there are also many new gamers, which play FUT for the first time. We will help you to use it without spending money. It really takes almost no effort to receive millions of coins.

  1. Open the FIFA 21 hack on here (its also available in many other languages)
  2. Choose the amount of free points and coins
  3. Enter your username (Xbox Live, PSN, Origin)
  4. Press the generate button and wait a few seconds
  5. Verify your are a human and receive all the coins and points

How the FIFA 21 Points Generator works

You might think anyone will have access over your account, but thats not true. We will not have any access at any time. The FIFA 21 Generator only needs your username in order to identify your account in the EA database. After that the hack is changing certain values. The result is you will instantly have a different number of coins and points on your account. You can use them however you want. You can update the game anytime you want. It couldn’t be any easier!

Time to get free Coins and Points!

FIFA 21 is just about to release and right from the beginning you have the chance to get free FUT 21 coins and points on your PlayStation 4, PC and the Xbox One. There is no faster way to build the strongest possible team without spending real money. Thousands of gamer are using our FIFA 21 coin generator already, how about you?

The biggest advantage you can have

To have awesome players like Ronaldo, Kaka, Zidane, Pele or Lionel Messi is very important in the game. The only problem is getting them. They cost million of coins. The chance of getting them from a FUT pack is so low, that you shouldn’t even think about it. Squad Building Challenges are more likely to give you an Icon, but even then: The best method is to simply buy them from the transfer market. Our FIFA 21 coins hack helps you to get free coins and points, so you can easily get these players directly from the game. No dirty tricks, no stealing, nothing, just generate coins and get the player. EA doesn’t care if you use the FIFA coin generator, they are busy earning billions from Ultimate Team. This is why we would recommend you to use our generator on

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Absolutely undetectable

No one is ever going to figure out you used the FIFA 21 hack. We implemented a technology, which lets the proxies refresh by themselves. You are not going to use the same proxies as the other users do. Its unique! By the way: The proxies are already integrated, you don’t need to activate them or anything. They are just running in the background protecting your IP, username, team and other informations such as how many free FUT 21 coins and points you are generating. This makes it undetectable for any mod, admin or other staff from EA to figure out if you actually used the FIFA 21 coin generator or not.

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You don’t need to download anything

This is probably the best part of our hack. You don’t need to download any file. A few years ago users had to download the FIFA coins hack in order to use it, but not anymore. It became so much easier and faster. Literally everyone around the globe can use it without any risk. We are always looking forward to make it even better. If you have any suggestions please let us know. Beside the FIFA hack we are also offering many other cheats, tipps and tricks for this game. We can definitely recommend you to take a look on our blog. It will make you a much better game.

Transfer FIFA Points from FUT 20 to FUT 21?

We got many messages from players all over the world, who asked us if it is possible to transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 21. This question comes up every single year. Many players still didn’t use all of their FIFA Points and would like to transfer them to the new version of the game.


How to transfer FIFA 20 Points to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

First of all you need Points in your existing FIFA 20 team. All you have to do now is create a new club on FIFA 21, open the FUT mode on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC and confirm you want to transfer the points to your new team. There will be a pop-up window showing up, which will ask you whether to keep the points for FUT 19 or to transfer it to FUT 21. Make sure you are giving the correct answer. This will save you lots of time, energy and nerves.

Check this for more beginner guides!

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Transfer FIFA 20 Coins to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Unfortunately this is not possible. They won’t let you do it. The only thing you can do is spend all your coins on FUT 20 or if you are lucky you can sell them for real money. In fact this is one of the biggest disadvantages on FIFA Ultimate Team. Every single year your team and coins are gone. You have to start all over again. To get rid of this weird situation we can recommend you to run the FIFA 21 coin generator. It works on all consoles.

Take a look on how to get the best players

Simply generate free FIFA 21 Points!

You think the only way to get Points is by buying them for real money? Thats just wrong! There are many different ways, not only for Ultimate Team, but also for other games, to get the expensive in-game currencies for free. Normally people are spending thousands of dollar just for this kinda in-game purchases, but actually its not really necessary. With the FIFA 21 coin generator you can easily decide how to get free FUT 21 coins and points on your Xbox Live, PSN, Origin or any other account. It even works for the FUT Companion and the Web App! In the article below we show you how to figure out the best possible FIFA 21 hack and never to fall for any scam again.

Never fall for scams again!

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How To Get The Best Players

I am sure you already know how important it is to have the best possible squad. Yes, you have the choice between many great players, especially special cards like Man of the Match, Team of the Week and many other players, which have been released for special occasions.


How to build the strongest squad ever?

Maybe you already know the answer. You need exactly one thing: Enough FUT 21 coins. Getting them can be really difficult. For some gamers it is impossible to get more than one million coins in a year. You either need lots of real money or lots of lucks. I remember one friend of mine, which got Prime Ronaldo in the very beginning of FIFA 20. This made him save lots of money and he could buy any team he wanted. Not everyone is so lucky tho. Mostly you have to take responsibility of yourself, without any effort you won’t get any good player. Therefore you need millions of coins to really get a great team.

Get any player you want!

Are Squad Building Challenges helpful?

Yes, they are. Especially those, which aren’t required lots of players or coins. For many SBCs you will need strong players already or enough coins to invest. Just take a look on the Icon SBCs. A 86 and 87 rated team are necessary. Sometimes even more! Good luck in having all these strong players or enough coins to fit all the requirements. You will easily spend more than 210k coins or more just for players. Also SBCs are pay to win, because you already need strong players in order to get even stronger ones.

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Whats the easiest solution?

It is the FIFA 21 coin generator, which will generate you unlimited points and coins on your Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Right now it is the best method for Ultimate Team, because you can use it as often as you want at any time. All you need is an existing team and an internet connection. Within a few minutes you can then choose how many free coins and points you want. Generate them and use them in your club. It will really help you a lot.  On our website we are offering the FIFA 21 hack, which works the best at the moment.

Beginner Guide for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You are new to FUT 21 and you have no idea whats going on, how to get better player and to win matches? No problem, in this FIFA 21 beginner guide we will tell you how it is done and what to expect.

Get a basic understanding of football

To be successful in a football simulation, it is not a bad idea to learn how football is being played. By this we mainly mean the tactics and strategy. If you are playing football by yourself you will have a huge advantage.

The best players! Get them now.

Learn from the pros!

If you are watching YouTube or checking your Facebook you might come along the streams of the tournaments. Especially on YouTube you will find so many matches of professional FUT player. The best advice is to watch the pros. Check their skills, how they are playing, what they are doing, how they score, how they defend, their tactics and what team they use. This is by far the most effective method on how to become better. Watch it and learn!


Your team is more important than your skills!

Sounds a bit crazy, but don’t forget: FIFA Ultimate Team is a freemium mode. This means you can play for free, but you will have it much easier to win matches, when you are ready to spend your real money. This is also often called “Pay To Win”. Yes, it makes a big difference, if you “only” got 83+ rated players or superstars like Messi, Ronaldo, Pele or Ronaldinho. Its easier to score, easier to defend and your overall performance will be better. A strong squad is the main factor in FUT 21 (unfortunately).

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How to get better players?

There are several ways. You can get them in the legit way by trading, opening packs or doing Squad Building Challenges. But there is another way: You can get them by using the FIFA 21 hack. No, it won’t send you the players you want in your team, but it lets you generate free FIFA 21 coins and points. After that you can simply use the free coins and points to get any player you want. This is by far the easiest solution. Many player all over the world are using the FIFA 21 coin generator. Right now it is available in a few different languages, but as I heard the developer are adding new languages soon. The FIFA 21 coins hack has been developed by a group of hacker. According to them it was super easy to get access to the database of EA. At the moment you can use the hack for the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Soon they will add the Nintendo Switch!

When will the FIFA Ultimate Team 21 Web App release?

Like every year there will be a new version of the FUT Web App. In the last few years it has been updated around one week before the game released.


Release date?

The approximately release date of the FIFA 21 Web App is: 13-21th September 2020. Mostly they are going to release it on a Thursday. You can expect full and broken servers like every year. To successfully log in you will need a bunch of luck. Lets hope they can avoid trouble with the server this year.


Where can I find the Web App?

Its always the same link! You can find it on Here is the exact link:


What happens to the FIFA 20 Web App?

In the beginning of September or end of August they will shut it down to update it to the new version. The game goes for the FUT Companion, which is available for iOS and Android. Both of them won’t be available until the new version releases.

Any advice?

Do yourself a favour: Take a look on the leaderboard the first time you log in to the FUT 21 Web App. What you will see is going to be a huge surprise. There will be players with a million coins. Players with an awesome team. How is it possible for some to gain so much coins when the game didn’t even release yet? The answer on this is really simple: They are using a FIFA 21 hack, which works also for the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Web App.

You can find the hack on here

You need help to run the FIFA 21 coin generator?

Its easier than you might think! You need only a few clicks on the buttons, nothing more! In the worst case you have to verify yourself as human, but thats it. We wrote a detailed tutorial on how to use the FIFA 21 hack. By the way, there is no risk for you of getting banned in the game. Your team won’t get suspended.Right after the release hundreds of people are using the FIFA 21 coins hack to give themselves a huge advantage over 99% of the other gamers. Be one of them!

Free Coins on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Players from all over the world are coming to in order to get free coins and points. Many of them don’t know how our coin generator works or what it does. Some of them think the hack doesn’t work for them, but thats not quite true. In this article we will clarify some important questions.


On what gaming console is the FUT 21 hack working?

Basically you can run the FIFA 21 hack on every device. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or any other platform. The database of the game remains the same. After all we are not “hacking” your account and nobody will have access over your team. Everything just happens in the database of the game. This one is located on EA’s behalf. Its totally not relevant if you are playing the game on the PC or using the new “Stadia”. It works everywhere, also on the FUT Companion and the Web App.



How long does it take to get all the free FIFA 21 coins?

Well, this really depends on many different factors. First of all it depends on your internet connection. As faster as better. It should be stable. Second it depends on the server of EA. Sometimes the servers are not really good. Slow or offline. Also we have to consider our servers. If there are thousands of gamer using the FIFA 21 coin generator at the same time, we will have some problems as well. We can say it takes around 2 to 21 minutes. Yeah, thats a weird time frame, but we got many things to consider.


Will have anyone access over my account?

No, nobody is going to have access over your account. You don’t need to download the FIFA 21 hack. Also nobody is going to ask for your security question, password or any other information. As we said above: Everything happens between us and the database of the game. We only have to ask for your username and on what system you are playing, so we can know where to send the free coins to. Keep in mind you should provide us with real and exact information, otherwise you might not receive the free points and coins. Actually its pretty simple. If you got more questions please let us know!

Works for the FUT Companion and Web App

The FIFA 21 Coin Generator is not only working perfectly for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, but also for the FUT Companion and the Web App. Lets take a closer look on them today.


What is the FUT Companion?

Basically its a mobile app, which lets you control your squad. It also lets you build squads for the SBCs. Of course you also have the option to open FUT packs, which is pretty cool, if you are on the way or in the class room with your friends. The FUT 21 Companion is available for iOS and Android. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you don’t download any third party app. Stay away from apps or mod apk of this app, because they might steal your password, e-mail and security question. Be aware of this. Only download the FIFA 21 Companion App directly from the App Store or Google Play. It is by far the safest option.

How about the FIFA 21 Web App?

The Web Application can be used on Since many years it is possible to log in via a browser in order to manage your team. Its also possible to access the transfer market, do SBCs or open packs. You should know its not possible to buy FIFA Points on the Web App. Also you should know the Web App gets released around 1-2 weeks before the official release of the game. Especially in the beginning you will get some “low” rewards every day, if you are logging in. Not really worth it tho. Mostly you will get 250 coins, silver packs, player contracts and so on. However, we strongly recommend to run the Web App as soon as possible, since you can start to build your team. On you will be informed first if the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Web App gets released.


How does the FIFA 21 Hack help you with it?

Well, the good thing is: You can get free FIFA 21 coins and points before the game officially releases. How? By creating your team on the Web App. When you first log in, you will get a message if you want to create a team. Choose your name and so on, after that your team has been successfully built. From there on you can just run the FIFA 21 coins hack and get free items. Don’t worry, we are using proxies which are making it completely safe for you! Our tools are available in english, german, french and other languages. We are always looking forward to improve our hacks.