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The TOTY is waiting for you!

Its this time of the year again! Get the Team of the Year for FIFA 21 now. Let us explain you how it works and what you have to do in order to get those expensive and popular player for free on your PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.


Use the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team hack to get free FIFA coins and points! TOTY Edition!

Will someone gain control over my PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account?

Of course not! The FIFA 21 PS4 and Xbox hack will simply take advantage of bugs and glitches, which exist in the source code of the game. Somehow EA managed to NOT fix this kinda bugs. Its really beyond us how these glitches can exists since many years. Maybe they don’t care or they simply don’ know how to fix it. However, this kinda loopholes makes it possible for us to us cheats and hacks for FUT 21 and generate free points and coins on anyones account. In order to run the FIFA 21 UT hack you only need a working internet connection and an existing team in the game. Don’t worry, you won’t get banned using the FUT 21 hack. Tens of thousands of gamer are using it already and we never heard of anyone who got a problem using it. Its actually much easier and safer than anyone can think of.

No download needed

If you want to use the FIFA 21 Points hack you don’t need to download any file. This is an online generator, which you can use directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet. No external file needed. This makes it easier for us to update the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coin generator and its easier for you to use it. A classic win win situation. Also we found its much safer. You don’t need any proxies or other tools to protect yourself, because we can integrate proxies and other encryption methods right into this coins hack.

Your Coins Won’t Suddenly Disappear

The last few days we got so many questions regarding one thing: Gamers were afraid their generated coins would disappear after they update the game. Yes, there have been some small patches for FIFA 21 already. However, you don’t need to worry about losing your coins or points. The FIFA 21 hack is absolutely safe and there is no risk for you of receiving any ban or getting your team suspended. People all over the world are using it right now and we never got any negative comment or feedback from our community.


Cheats are the way to go!

Have you ever thought of why there are so many people who would like to cheat and hack FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? The reason is this mode is pay to win. It is just insane how many people are spending their money for FIFA Points. The huge problem is: Mostly they got nothing in return. You can spend $50 for FIFA Points and open some FUT Packs right now. The chance you will get a 85+ players is maybe 5%. Its just a huge waste of time. I have been there. I was spending hundreds of dollar for FUT Packs and every single time I ended up being frustrated. Since I used the FIFA 21 coin generator by myself I feel much better. I know I can open as much FUT Packs as I want and I have nothing to lose. I didn’t spend any money. No regrets! This is the reason why FIFA 21 cheats are so important. Its not the fact that people actually “want to” use the FIFA 21 hack. Its because they spent so much money and got nothing in return. I would even call it a “rip off”, because its just a virtual currency with virtual items, which don’t really have any value.


fifa 21 coins generator


Simply use the FIFA 21 coin generator

Do yourself a favour and avoid spending money on this game wherever you can. People are spending thousands of dollar every single year. Just imagine what you could do with all the money. If you want coins and points run the FIFA 21 hack and get them just within a minute!

Open unlimited free FUT 21 Packs

How do you think some gamer could get a great team just within a couple of hours? They used the FIFA 21 hack. This generator works for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is super popular since the start of the new game. Some gamer could build teams, which are worth millions of coins. Suddenly they got icons and other superstars in their team. How did they do it? They just used the FIFA 21 coin generator.

Why everyone should run the FIFA 21 coins hack

While 99% of the gamer are spending their real money on Ultimate Team, the rest of 1% is using tools such as the FIFA 21 hack. You might ask yourself why only this few people? There are several reasons. They might be afraid or scared. They think their account will receive a ban or they are simply nice guys and don’t want to cheat. Well, when it comes to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cheats you will have several choices. The FIFA 21 hack is just one of it. However, the game is still full of bugs and glitches, which didn’t get patched yet. Also the FIFA 21 coin generator is just result of a glitch, which let us change some values in the database of the game. For example it is possible to simply choose how many free FIFA 21 coins and points you would like to receive and within a few minutes all the items will show up on your account. By the way: The FIFA 21 coin generator is also available in german, english, spanish, french and dutch!

How to open FUT 21 packs without any limit

You can imagine whats the answer. First of all you generate free coins and points and then you can simply do whatever you want. This also includes opening any FUT pack you want. Be it a goldpack, special pack or silver pack. Your decision! You can literally spend days and weeks in opening packs, getting the best possible players out of them. It will take a long time to open packs, but it isn’t impossible. Just keep opening them! Time for you to run the FIFA 21 hack now. Check out our other tips and tricks as well!

This year it is even better!

Its time for you to run the FIFA 21 coin generator on our website! If you are looking for a way on how to get the best and most skillful players in the game, you will love our hack for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team! It makes it possible for you to get free points and coins in order to simply buy any player you want or to open as much free FUT packs as possible.

fifa 21 ultimate team hack

This year it is even better!

Maybe you already know tools like the FIFA coin generator exists since many years, but this year it is even easier for you to get coins and points on your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account. If you haven’t heard of the FIFA 21 hack yet you will probably wonder how it works, what you have to do and if everything is safe. Don’t worry about this. In our previous articles we already talked about some important thing. Here is a short summary for you:

– You can use the FIFA 21 hack as often as you want

– There is no risk of getting banned in the game

– The coins and points won’t disappear from your account

– It is undetectable for EA

– Proxies are already integrated into the generator

– In our blog you will find many other cheats and helpful guides

– Nobody will ask you for your password or other sensitive informations

– No one is going to have access over your account or team


fifa 21 coin generator


The FIFA Ultimate Team hack only connects with the database

Its important for us to let you know one very important thing: No one will ever have control over your account or team in any way. The FIFA coins hack works in a total different way. It simply connects with the database of EA and changes certain values. This method has been working the last 8 years and it is still working perfectly. FUT is extremely complex since there are so many gamers worldwide and the amount of coins and points is changing every millisecond. No one is ever going to notice how your items got increased. The generator is just changing the important values. Only your username and on what system you are playing is necessary. We need this basic informations to identify your account. After that the FIFA 21 coin generator can be used successfully and transfer the coins directly in your team.

We wish you lots of fun!

Best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Cheats

Playing FUT 21 in the “normal” way can be really exhausting. You will either lose lots of money or spend lots of time in the process of building a strong team. However, there are some “cheats” which will actually help you to save money and time without any effort. This kinda cheats are working since many years already, but there are still so many gamer and fans, who never ever heard of them.


Why would someone use FIFA 21 cheats?

If you are a big fan of the game you will know why. Basically Ultimate Team is all about building a strong squad. It can really make a difference, if you got average players in your team or superstars. For everyone who wants to get at least 18 wins or more in the FUT Champions Cup, should consider to have the best team possible. I am not talking about 11 icons, but at least three FUT icons should be in your team. They can have a huge impact on your overall performance. Its like they are having a kinda boost. Better tackles, better shots, more interceptions and many other advantages. I am sure you already noticed it. The problem: Getting this kinda player can be such a pain. Prepare yourself to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollar to get enough coins or luck to get a few superstars.

fifa 20 ultimate team hack


Is it possible to get free FIFA 21 coins?

Yes, absolutely! This is exactly what the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cheats are about. Imagine you could earn as much free coins and points as you want. Basically there wouldn’t be any restriction for you anymore. It would be so easy for you to buy any player you want. No matter if its price is 210k or 2 million. The FIFA 21 cheats are by far the best method, when it comes to generating free FUT 21 coins and points. Therefore we strongly recommend you to run our hack on your device. It works for all gaming consoles, no matter if you are playing on a PlayStation 4, PC or the Xbox One. You can find it here. It is also available in many other languages.