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FUT 21 Generator still works in October 2020!

It has been some time since FIFA 21 has been released in October 2020 and boy what a year it has been so far. Lets say it in this way: FIFA 21 is not the only thing, which has been completely shite so far.

However, we just want to let you know our FIFA 21 hack is still working perfectly for every platform. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on the Xbox One, PS4, PC or if you simply run the Companion App or Web App to manage your team. You can literally get any player you want within minutes. Very easy to use and absolutely no risk of getting banned in the game.

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What?! You haven’t used the FIFA 21 coin generator yet?

Well, if you are completely new to FUT 21 we highly recommend you not to spend any money on the game. Its definitely not worth it. We even highly doubt it is fun to start Ultimate Team now, since you will only face high-end teams. You won’t have any chance to compete with your average team. Don’t even think about playing and winning in the Weekend League. The only way to you can get a great team now is by running the FIFA 21 coins hack, generating free coins and points and using them to open packs. A better idea is to move right to the transfer market and buy your desired players.

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The FIFA 21 coins hack still works in October 2020

As you might know there have been so many updates in the past. Like every year EA published a joke of a game. It was broken. They tried to fix it, but its still broken and players worldwide are really pissed. People know the game is pure pay to win. So far we could help thousands of players worldwide to get free points and coins in the game. Its much easier than you think. Give it a try now. The FIFA 21 hack is available in english, german, french and dutch.

What team to build on FUT 21?

Like every year you have to decide which leagues or countries player you should use to build a squad. The most common is a Premier League team. How about on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? If you haven’t check out our beginner guide you can do so now!


English Premier League:

It is by far the league with the most opportunities. They got awesome players on every position. Since the british teams have been so good last year we guess they will get even stronger on FUT 21. You won’t make any mistake by choosing to build an EPL team. Lets take a look on the top teams of the EPL:

– Manchester City

– Manchester United

– Tottenham Hotspurs

– Arsenal London

– Liverpool FC

– Chelsea London

The amount of great teams is so high, that you can basically build a super strong time from various different clubs and players.

The best players! Get them now.

Serie A:

It is one of the most underrated leagues on Ultimate Team, but if you take a closer look its a great deal. Also they got a handful strong teams with great players on it.

– Napoli SC

– AS Roma

– Inter Milan

– AC Milan

– Juventus Turin

– Lazio Roma


Its important to say those players are often much cheaper than EPL players. Just check it out and you will be surprised. The Serie A got awesome strikers, great defender and strong midfielder.



Basically there are only two teams from which you can make a competitive team:

– FC Bayern Munich

– Borussia Dortmund

After them you will find many average teams like Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Schalke 04 and so on, but none of them can be compared to FC Bayern or BVB. This makes it not a great choice for you to build a Bundesliga team.


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La Liga:

Exactly the same like for the Bundesliga. You got FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Thats it. Teams like Valencia or Sevilla are also good, but can’t be compared to the three top teams. Another big problem is you will find many old players. Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Busquets and so on are awesome, but they are slow. Then there are some really exceptional players like Messi, Hazard, Ramos or Griezmann, but they are super expensive. This will leave you with a big choice of good but slow players and many average players. Make sure to know what you are doing before you decide to create a spanish La Liga team.


Ligue 1:

Teams like Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Olympique Marseille, Lyon and Monaco got some great players. The rest are average. However, you will find some really fast and strong players in the Ligue 1. Its not really common to build an Ligue 1 team tho just due to the lack of choice.


Get any players you want!

To build any player you want you simply need enough coins and points. Getting them can be difficult. The FIFA 21 hack will help you as much as possible to buy any player you want on the game. Simply generate free FIFA 21 coins and points on your gaming console, smartphone or PC. Its really easier than you might think!


How To Detect Scams

Every single year gamers and fans of FUT 21 are confronted with scammer and hacker. We want to give you a short overview of what kind of scam you can expect on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.


Fake FIFA 21 Coin Generator

Tools like the FIFA coins hack exist since many years. There is no doubt they are really working. If you check out YouTube, you can watch thousands of videos how gamers got free FIFA coins and points. However, there is one big problem: Many people manipulated the FIFA coin generator and made it useless. Their goal is not to help you to get free points or coins. They want your account and players! Therefore you should avoid any FIFA coin generator, which wants your password or security question.


Glitches like player duplication

Everyone who has a great team or awesome players got messages like “hey, i can help you to duplicate your prime Ronaldo!”. Don’t fall for this ridiculous scam. They obviously want access to your account. Don’t do it. Ultimate Team is full of glitches and bugs, but mostly they got something to do with the gameplay itself.




This was a very big problem back in the FIFA 13 days. People would spam their links under the official Facebook page saying something like “Get your free players or packs now!” and link you to a website, which looks identical to the official EA Sports login page. The problem: They ask for your password, email and security question. After that they will get your players and coins. Always make sure the URL is correct. Don’t fall for this. EA would never ask for your security question when you do the normal login.


Social engineering

You think thats ridiculous? Its more dangerous than you might think. People randomly ask you questions like “where did you go to primary school” and stuff like this. The answer is often part of your security question. Not only of your EA account, but also of your email account. Be very careful about this one. If someone asks you weird questions the best thing to do is to block the person.








Real autobuyer for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team do exist, but they are incredibly hard to get. Mostly you will be confronted with so many different tools. The best is to stick with one, which worked in the past and which has been shared many times. There are only a handful working autobuyer for FUT 21. Avoid those who seem not legit.

FIFA 21 Glitches and Bugs

Ever asked yourself what makes a great player on Ultimate Team? Is it to have a strong squad? To have the best possible skills? Forget about it. In FIFA 20 we could clearly see whats going on: The best and most successful gamer were taking advantage of all the glitches and bugs in the game. It started with the kick-off glitch and ended with some skills, which would let you pass any defender.


Why is Electronic Arts not fixing the bugs and glitches?

There are several glitches in the game, which have been around since several years. No joke, there was a kick-off glitch every single year. In FIFA 19 it became even worse: Even after 5 patches they still didn’t fix it. Why would they do this? I mean, this is something, which annoys everyone. So many gamer worldwide were complaining about the kick-off glitch, but there was no reaction from EA. There can be only one reason: It is on purpose. They try to create a “skill gap”. The kick-off glitch is just one example of a glitch. Of course there have been much more. Also FIFA 21 will be full of bugs.


The game was full of bugs…


Whats the deal?

It should be your goal to identify those glitches and learn how to take advantage of them. At the same time learn how to defend them. Just the FIFA 21 glitches alone can boost your win-ratio. 15 wins in the FUT Champions Cup can become 21 wins easily. Don’t underestimate the effect of the FIFA 21 bugs. They can be tremendous. Many gamer are just focusing on using one glitch after another, which sometimes makes the game such a pain.

Get any player you want!


What about the FIFA 21 hack?

Guess what, the glitches and bugs are not the only things, which haven’t been fixed in years. Since FIFA 11 there is an FIFA Coin Generator every single year. It seems like EA is too busy to create new special cards instead of fixing their game. Anyway, we can only recommend you to use the FIFA 21 coins hack, because it makes Ultimate Team so much easier.  You can literally get any player you want on the transfer market or open as much packs as you like. At this very moment the FIFA 21 coin generator is working perfectly on every PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC. It also works for the Ultimate Team Web App and the Companion App. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely do it as soon as possible.

Download or install necessary?

You want to use the FIFA 21 coin generator, but you really don’t know what to do? First of all we will explain to you what you have to do and what is necessary.


Do you need to download the FIFA 21 coins hack?

It is absolutely not necessary to download or install any single file. Everything happens online. That being said you should never trust any source, where they want you to download something. A real working FIFA 21 hack can work without being downloaded. It worked like this in the last few years and it also works like this today. Few years ago ago, until FIFA 14, you actually had to download a file. This was not really convenient, because it only worked on the PC. It was an .exe file, which you had to open and install. Some guys came up with a much better solution: The online generator. This kinda tool not only works for FIFA 21 and other console games, but also for mobile games. Maybe you already saw it on other websites. They are much faster and user-friendly than normal hacks and files.

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How does the online generator work?

It couldn’t be any easier. We will explain to you how exactly it works, but you should know we can’t get into the details, because we know Electronic Arts and some other guys are reading this. They will simply fix the FIFA 21 hack and you won’t be able to use it anymore. So we are kinda careful. What we can tell you is this: Nobody is going to have access over your squad, account or gaming console. Nobody is going to ask for your personal information such as your password. We only need your username to find your ID in the database. After that we are going to transfer all the coins and points directly to your team. As you might know FIFA is full of bugs and glitches. Of course it is possible to hack FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It has been possible the last few years as well. EA is not going to fix it. God knows why. They didn’t even manage to fix bugs like the kick-off glitch. We can take advantage of their laziness and provide you with free FIFA 21 coins and points. Give it a try as soon as possible!