Beginner Guide for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You are new to FUT 21 and you have no idea whats going on, how to get better player and to win matches? No problem, in this FIFA 21 beginner guide we will tell you how it is done and what to expect.

Get a basic understanding of football

To be successful in a football simulation, it is not a bad idea to learn how football is being played. By this we mainly mean the tactics and strategy. If you are playing football by yourself you will have a huge advantage.

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Learn from the pros!

If you are watching YouTube or checking your Facebook you might come along the streams of the tournaments. Especially on YouTube you will find so many matches of professional FUT player. The best advice is to watch the pros. Check their skills, how they are playing, what they are doing, how they score, how they defend, their tactics and what team they use. This is by far the most effective method on how to become better. Watch it and learn!


Your team is more important than your skills!

Sounds a bit crazy, but don’t forget: FIFA Ultimate Team is a freemium mode. This means you can play for free, but you will have it much easier to win matches, when you are ready to spend your real money. This is also often called “Pay To Win”. Yes, it makes a big difference, if you “only” got 83+ rated players or superstars like Messi, Ronaldo, Pele or Ronaldinho. Its easier to score, easier to defend and your overall performance will be better. A strong squad is the main factor in FUT 21 (unfortunately).

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How to get better players?

There are several ways. You can get them in the legit way by trading, opening packs or doing Squad Building Challenges. But there is another way: You can get them by using the FIFA 21 hack. No, it won’t send you the players you want in your team, but it lets you generate free FIFA 21 coins and points. After that you can simply use the free coins and points to get any player you want. This is by far the easiest solution. Many player all over the world are using the FIFA 21 coin generator. Right now it is available in a few different languages, but as I heard the developer are adding new languages soon. The FIFA 21 coins hack has been developed by a group of hacker. According to them it was super easy to get access to the database of EA. At the moment you can use the hack for the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Soon they will add the Nintendo Switch!

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